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The department consists of two Doctors Professors V.Ye. Holubko and B.Z. Yakymovych, eight Candidates of History (including Docents A.V. Serediak, T.H. Maryskevych, R.Ya. Heneha, I.I. Fedyk, I.M. Mraka), Senior Secretary, Candidate of History V. Ye. Rutar


In the academic year 2000/2001, the new speciality “Historical regional study” was set up. The department runs the course “History of Ukraine” at all other faculties. Apart from a major course “Historical regional study” lecturers of the department provide such optional courses as “Ivan Franko and the Publishing Process” (conducted by Professor Yakymovych B.Z.); “Armed Defence Problems of the Sovereignty of Ukraine by Governments in the course of 1917-1920” (conducted by Professor Holubko V. Ye.); “Fights and Battles in Halychyna and Transcarpathia in the first half of the 20th century” (conducted by Docent Fedyk I.I.); “Social and Public Life in Lviv in the 1940s-50s ” (conducted by Docent Heneha R.Ya.); “Halychyna in European History” (conducted by Docent Serediak A.V.); “Castles and Fortresses in Western Ukraine” (conducted by Docent Maryskevych T.H.); “Polish Scientific Societies in Lviv at the end of the 19th – the first half of the 20th century” (conducted by Docent Masyk R.V.); “Lviv during Military Conflicts in the 17th to 20th centuries” (conducted by Mraka I.B.); “Ukrainian-Polish Relationships in Western Ukraine in the Inter-war Period” (conducted by Docent Kalyniak L.D.).

Research areas:

The members of the department are actively involved in research as well as in educational and methodological work. In 2006, the textbook “Historical Area Studies” (Part 1) was published. Here the history of area studies movement in Ukraine as well as trends in current regional study are shown. In 2011, the series of lectures “Historical Study. Trends and Methods of Historical Area Studies” was set up. The department regularly organizes local history conferences “Historical Relics of Halychyna”. During 2001-2010 five conferences were held, and the findings were published in the collections of scholarly papers.

During their internship, students specializing in “Historical Area Studies ” acquire the experience of being Lviv guides.

Lecturers’ articles are regularly published in local and professional journals. A number of methodological works were issued recently. Among them there is “A Syllabus of the Course “Historical Area Studies”, “A Syllabus of the Course “History of Ukraine” for University Students”, “Seminar Plans of the Course “History of Ukraine” for First-year Students”.

Teaching materials:


ChairpersonViktor HolubkoChairperson
DocentIvan FedykDocent
Docent (by-worker)Roman HenehaDocent (by-worker)
DocentLev KalyniakDocent
DocentTaras MaryskevychDocent
DocentRoman MasykDocent
DocentIhor MrakaDocent
DocentAlla SerediakDocent

Lecturers' schedule

Academy Robert Bosch Fellowships at Chatham House

08.04.2019 | 11:00

Deadline – April 29, 2019
Fellowship: the fellow will receive a monthly stipend of approximately £2,340. Modest provision is made for the costs of relocation, fieldwork, and possible publication costs.

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Рublic lecture “Die Ungleichzeitigkeit des Gleichzeitigen: Not long ago, when the age of innocence ended, and everything was possible”

03.04.2019 | 10:58

On April 12, 2019, at 6 pm, at the Lviv city council Marci Shore will deliver a public lecture “Die Ungleichzeitigkeit des Gleichzeitigen:
Not long ago, when the age of innocence ended, and everything was possible”.
Location: Grand session hall of the Lviv City Council (Rynok square, 1)
For Habsburg author Stefan Zweig the First World War brought forever to an end the “age of innocence”: after the war, one could no longer travel without a passport. And this was not all:...

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East European Summer School

05.03.2019 | 11:55

The East European Summer School is the Centre’s oldest initiative. It was established in 1991 and started offering courses as part of a three-week international visiting scholarship programme in 1992. Each July, the Summer School offers academic sessions designed for young researchers from former Soviet republics, Central Europe, but also from Western Europe and America. The programme focuses on the region’s history and its contemporary affairs.
The Summer School’s programme consists of lectures, panel discussions, as well as visits to research...

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SI Summer Academy for Young Professionals (SAYP) EaP/Baltic region

28.02.2019 | 09:46

Deadline – 04.03.2019
The programme consists of three main components:
1.the first takes place in the participants’ home countries in the form of preparatory meetings/webinars and/or reading of material provided by the thematic module organisers.

2.This is followed by an intense thematic two-weeks-moduleduring the period of June–August. The thematic module is held either in Sweden or one of the participant countries. Information about the thematic modules for SAYP 2019 can be found below under step 1 in the application procedure. This year...

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