III International Student Conference: “The Phenomenon of Europe: State-building and Integration Processes”

25.06.2019 | 11:17

Dear colleagues of the humanities faculties! We are pleased to invite you to participate in
III International Student Conference: “The Phenomenon of Europe: State-building and Integration Processes”
The conference will be held on the 1st -2nd of November 2019 at the Scientific Library of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv (5, Drahomanova str., Lviv)
Working languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian, Polish.
The program of the conference will consist of:
1. Archeology
2. Archival studies, Special Historical Disciplines, Historical methodology
3. Ethnology and Regional Studies
4. Classical and Medieval Periods of History, Modern and Contemporary History and Oriental Studies
5. Modern and Contemporary History of Ukraine
6. Modern and Contemporary History of Europe and America
7. History of International Relations
8. History of Culture, Art and Religion
9. Prosopography Research
10. Alternative History
11. History of Law
12. War History
13. Philosophical Studies
14. Gender History

The Conference Theses will be published before the beginning of the event. The authors can get their own copies on the conference.
The deadline for filing applications and theses: the 10th of September.
Applications and theses sent after the specified date will not be considered. Application forms and theses should be made in accordance with the requirements.
Requirements :
• Use only Ukrainian, Russian, Polish or English;
• Submit your theses filling in the Google Form;
• Theses should contain the following elements: title, full name, institution where the author is studying or working, name, scientific degree and position of your scientific supervisor;
• Font – Times New Roman;
• Font size- 14, line spacing – 1,5, text should be justified;
• Number of characters – up to 6000 (with spaces); the title, the name of the author and the scientific supervisor, the name of the scientific institution is not taken into account;
• Guillemets “”;
• Dash –;
• Use non-breaking space (Ctrl+Shift+Space) between names and surnames and in other similar cases;
• The list of sources and the literature is provided according to Chicago Style
• The references in the text are indicated in square brackets: the source number and page (s) (eg: [1, pp. 12-15].
• Only commonly accepted abbreviations are allowed;
• Annotations in Ukrainian (Polish) and English (up to 500 characters with spaces) and keywords (3-5 words) should be added to the article;
By submitting the thesis, the author assumes all responsibility for the informative and reliable information provided. All publications will be checked for plagiarism: if it is discovered, the application will be canceled. In this case the registration fee is returned.
The amount of the registration fee for participation in the conference is: 250 UAH for students of Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, 290 UAH. – for participants from Ukraine, 15 euros – for foreigners.
For all questions, please contact Merenyuk Chrystyna (tel . 093 499 35 12). Bykalo Igor (097 047 84 19)
Apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1tjXVO9uTUT6rJGUhaHPFkMcakrKmm8UrrnvkuPYEvmo/edit
Card details: 5375 4141 0554 1873