Excursion “Jewish inscriptions in Polish”

22.05.2018 | 09:27

03.06.2018, 11:00, Lviv National Opera
Co-authors of the series of books “Lviv po polsku” – Candidate of Science (Economics), Head of the Tourism Management Department of the M. Hrushevsky Precarpathian Institute Ivan Gonak and Ph.D. in Philology, Associate Professor of the Ukrainian Catholic University Ksenia Borodin take a walk “Jewish Lviv po polsku”, during which we will turn special attention to the details and we can read the history of our city just from its walls.
Excursion is free.
Tour guides...

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Excursion around the Jewish quarter in English

14.05.2018 | 09:08

10.06 at 12:00 from City Arsenal (5 Podvalnaya Str.) An excursion around the Jewish quarter that in middle ages was located within the municipal wall.
Our guests will be able to hear the history of “Golden Rose” synagogue, to know how the Jewish society lived in the city of Lion in different periods of its existence as well as to hear many legends and truthful stories related to the houses located here and about the people who built them, lived...

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The international exhibition of Michael Daniel Sagatis „Józefa’s letters: Extraction from Oblivion”

09.05.2018 | 07:36

18 of May 2018, 12.00, in International Museum Day, at Memorial museum of totalitarian regimes „Territory of Terror”(Chornovola avenue, 45 G) British scholar Michael Daniel Sagatis will present his family story on „Józefa’s letters: Extraction from Oblivion”
In program of the exhibition start May 18:
12:00 – a press briefing and guid on the exhibtition for journalists byMichael Daniel Sagatis project author. He will tell finding and researching of those letters.
17:00 – discussion about the topics: „Repressive politics of...

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Annual Inter-University School on Human Rights

16.04.2018 | 09:19

Deadline – 1 травня 2018 року
Application and entry requirements:
– be enrolled in a master’s or in the final year of a bachelor’s programme in Law/Human Rights/International Relations; or within one year after graduation from respective bachelor’s or master’s programmes
– have excellent command of English
– complete this online application

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