Dean’s welcome speech

Dear friends!

Everyone has a desire to see the future. Moreover, it is what makes us turn to the past. The experience of history is a reliable landmark, which is often used even subconsciously. Turning to the past was and still is one of the means of personal and national self-identification, as well as a way to determine one’s place in the world. Historical knowledge is able to focus on universal and national values, to enrich the intellectual potential of the people. The study of history is a continuous journey, which, with a conscientious and honest approach, becomes a vital necessity, attracts the unknown, fascinates, and forces to be in constant creative excitement. Events, dates, and personalities are the basis of historical knowledge, which cannot be not restricted from it. Everyone who becomes a student of History Faculty will learn to characterize the phenomena of the past in the value systems in which they arose, and then compare them with modern views, moral categories, as well as determine personal attitude to events. In other words, you will learn to understand history, people of the past, their worries, needs, joys, hopes, and disappointments. Then you will learn to understand yourself and people around you, to build life plans and make dreams come true.