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At the department work professors Leonid Zashkilniak and Oleksandr Sytnyk, docents Yaroslav Onyshchuk, Oleksandr Bandrovskyi, Mykhailo Fylypchuk, Nataliya Bilas, Nataliya Stebliy, Anastasiya Baukova and lecturer Yaroslav Pohoralskyi.


The department teaches the following courses: «Archaeology», «Cultural Anthropology », «History of Old Civilizations», «History of Ancient Civilizations», «History of Ancient Greece and Rome», «Foreign Historiography», «Methodology of History», «Modern Historiography», «Archaeology Study in the World», «The Paleolith of Ukraine in the Context of European Continent», «Ethnic-cultural History of Ukraine in the First Half of the 1st Millennium BC», «Famous Researchers of Ukrainian Archaeology», «Ethnogenesis of Present-day Slavs by Archaeological Data», «Actual Problems of European Archaeology», «Actual Problems of Ukrainian Archaeology», «Archaeology Study in Lviv University», «Funeral Rites in the Early Iron Age», «Archaeological Museology», «Cultural Influences of Roman Provinces on Ukraine», «Methodology of Archeological Cadaster Composition», «Ethnogenesis of Eastern Slavs», «Primitive Archaeology of Ukraine», «Methodology of Field and Cameral Research», «Ancient Influences on the Material and Spiritual Culture of Ukraine’s Inhabitants in the First Half of the 1st Millennium BC to the First Half of the 1st Millennium BC», «Special Methods in Archaeology».

Research areas:

The department issues the annual collection of papers “Археологічні дослідження Львівського університету” (“Archeological Research at Lviv University”), founded in 1996 by Professor M. Peleshchyshyn. International conferences are held regulalry: the 1st, 2nd and 3rd readings dedicated to the memory of Solomon Lurie, the 4thInternational archeological conference of students and young researchers (1998), International conference on the occasion of the centenary of the Department of Archaeology and Ancient History at Lviv University.

The department offers postgraduate studies in the specialty “07.00.04 – Archaeology”; in the recent decades, there were 6 doctoral and more than 20 candidate dissertation in different specialties.

The department has tight connections with the departments of leading educational establishments and academic institutions in Ukraine and Poland.


ChairpersonLeonid ZashkilniakChairperson
DocentAnastasiia BaukovaDocent
DocentNataliia BilasDocent
DocentYaroslav OnyshchukDocent
DocentNataliya StebliyDocent
LecturerYaroslav PohoralskyiLecturer

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The main orientation of the research is the archaeology of the western region of Ukraine (the department researches such projects as “Material and spiritual culture of inhabitants in Subcarpathia, Volyn and Transcarpathia in the Stone and Early Medieval Periods”, as well as Ancient History, the methodology of history, present-day historiography. The staff of the department performed archeological excavations in the sites of ancient settlements like Krylos (Halych), Plisnesko, Pidhorodyshche, Nemyriv, Rokytne, Modrychi (Teptiuzh), sites and villages of Yezupil, Hlybochok, Neslukhiv, Koshylivtsi, Buchach, Tadani, Zymne, Kostianets, Holyshiv, Vynnyky, Nezvysko, Dudyn, Cherchyk, Khrinnyky, Bovshiv, Demianiv, Nakvasha, ancient burial grounds of Gats, Chekhy, Vysotsko, monastic complexes of Univ, Stradch, Pidkamin, Staryi Zbarazh, Pidhirtsi.

”Baltic Connections: a Conference in Social Science History”

12.12.2019 | 10:10

”Baltic Connections: a Conference in Social Science History” –
Uni­versity of Jyväs­kylä, Fin­land, March 26-27, 2020
Deadline – 16 December 2019
The Baltic Connections 2020 will take place at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, from March 26 to 27, and is hosted by the Department of History and Ethnology. As with the inaugural conference last year in Helsinki, we aim to bring together scholars working on comparative, economic, social, global, and other types of history and related social sciences to address various “East-West” historical...

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Graduate Conference in European History

12.12.2019 | 10:08

22-24 April 2020 | European University Institute | Florence | Italy
Readjustments of scale continuously challenge established narratives in history. Which approaches have historians taken to tackle this issue? In 1967, Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie famously divided his colleagues into two categories: truffle hunters and parachutists. More than fifty years later this rigid distinction might seem like a tired cliché.  All parachutists, after all, must safely land on the ground, while even the most talented truffle hunters need to take their eyes off...

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The Study Foundation of the Berlin House of Representatives sponsors a scholarship program for students and young scholars of all fields from France, Great Britain, the USA, and the successor states of the former Soviet Union who want to use research facilities in Berlin

10.10.2019 | 10:35

The Study Foundation of the Berlin House of Representatives sponsors a scholarship program for students and young scholars of all fields from France, Great Britain, the USA, and the successor states of the former Soviet Union who want to use research facilities in Berlin.

The foundation will award fifteen grants for the academic year 2020/21. The grants amount to 1,100 EUR for graduate and doctoral students, and 1,630 EUR for post-doctoral scholars per month including the rent for an apartment in...

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Emile Boutmy Scholarships for Non-EU Students at Sciences Po (France)

09.10.2019 | 09:43

Deadline – December 15, 2019
Sciences Po created the Emile Boutmy Scholarships after the founder of Sciences Po in order to attract the very best international students from outside of the European Union who are first time applicants and who have been admitted to an Master’s programme offered at the University.

The Emile Boutmy Master’s Programme can take different forms – either a grant of €10,000 per year to cover tuition fees for the two years of the Masters or a tuition...

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