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In 1996, the Centre for Auxiliary Historical Sciences was founded on the basis of unique numismatic and sigillographic collections. The numismatic collection consists of approximately 12 thousand coins and 5 thousand medals from different countries. Antique coins are widely represented. 7 thousand of them are exhibited: 1 thousand Greek coins and over 6 thousand Roman coins. Obe can also see Polish coins of the 12th-18th centuries (1400), German (over 690) and Russian (almost 200). Byzantine, Italian, Florentine coins are of specisl interest. There is a great collection of 20th-century coins and banknotes from various countries.

The sigillographic collection includes 6 thousand copies of seals, casts made of metal, gypsum, sulfur, sealing wax and wax. The origin of the seals is various as to their content and shape: imperial and royal from different European countries. A great number of seals are from Ukrainian, Polish and German towns and cities as well as seals of secondary and higher educational institutions of Halychyna of the 18th-19th centuries.

Its staff consists of Chairperson M. M. Shymanskyi and Senior Secretary N.Ya. Sydorko. They are arranging numismatic and sigillographic collections. There is a small library which contains books on heraldry, genealogy, cartography, numismatics, sigillography and other auxiliary historical sciences.


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