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The Laboratory was founded on 19 May1998 on the basis of on the computer centre. The centre was created by the initiative of Professor Yaroslav Hrytsak in October 1996 thanks to financial support of the Internationl Fund “Vidrodzhennya”. Its first Chairman was Docent V.I. Susak. The staff did a lot of teaching, publishing and research activities.
The Laboratory consists of Chairperson M. E. Yakovenko, engineer-programmer H.M. Sumyk, Senior Secretary Candidate of History P,S. Yureiko, Secretary Candidate of History S. O. Kozlovskyi.

The main tasks of the Laboratory is to prepare teaching materials and methodological guidelines as well as to help students find necessary materials for writing reports, essays, course papers and diploma papers, scanning texts and photos, printing documents.

Modern methods of historical studies including interdisciplinary relations have been introduced in teaching process (sociology, anthropology, prosopography, political studies, genealogy, oral history etc.). Public opinion researches and oral history projects have been carried out.

The Laboratory prepares layouts for publishing collections of research papers, monographs and manuals: “Вісник Львівського університету. Серія історична”, “Наукові зошити історичного факультету Львівського національного університету”, “Вісник Львівського університету. Серія історична. Спеціальний випуск: Львів-місто-суспільство-культура” etc


Laboratory Chief ManagerMaya YakovenkoLaboratory Chief Manager
Senior Department SecretaryPavlo YureikoSenior Department Secretary